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BAKO P12.8 SMD outdoor LED display of 1500㎡ shows up in Kuala Lumpur Pavilion


The passing year of 2016 witnesses BAKO’s big success in the project of P12.8 SMD outdoor LED display of 1500 ㎡. This giant LED display is located in Kuala Lumpur Pavilion, Malaysia, a famous place for luxury shopping. Every day, there are people passing by from all over the world. BAKO’s LED display is the largest and best in Malaysia and it is sure to improve prosperity of this area because of its perfect advertising effect.


This project lasts about one whole year, from client’s factory-examination, BAKO’s solution-recommendation to LED display production, installation and running test. In every step, BAKO stuff is careful enough to make things perfect and such attitude wins client’s good remark. This LED displays starts to run at the end of 2016 and it means a good end of the passing year and welcome of a new year.
Considering the big size and importance of this project, BAKO applies following solution for clients:
1) Energy-saving: For big size LED display, cost for power is a must to be taken into consideration. Therefore, we use energy-saving IC, 4.2V power suppliers and advanced PCB. They help to save up to 40% of energy, which means a big amount of money for power.
2) 90°curve: The LED display is mounted on the wall which is 90° curved in the middle. To make sure of the seamless connection in the joint, we use the specially-designed modules and cabinets to realize good connection without any gap.
3) Low weight: Since the screen size is big, we have to take screen weight into consideration. So we choose low weight cabinet and it much saves the building’s load bearing.

4) AR and VR technology: AR (Augmented Reality) and VR(Virtual Reality) technology is new concept in recent years and they are becoming hot in advertising application. With such technology, BAKO’s LED display makes the advertising vivid and attractive.

BAKO was founded in 2005 and is equipped with advanced machines for SMD LED displays, which makes sure of production capability, quality and fast delivery, especially for big and important projects.  

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