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Good news!Mr. Liu di hong was awarded the 2018 "blue dot award, outstanding entrepreneur" award


Good news!Mr. Liu di hong was awarded the 2018 "blue dot award, outstanding entrepreneur" award BAKO optoelectronic won the "innovative technology product" award .


In the evening of June 19th, the third blue spot award ceremony and 15th anniversary of Shenzhen Electronic Chamber of Commerce, with the theme of "forging ahead together, building the future", were held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Five entrepreneurs, such as Mr. Liu di hong, chairman of Shenzhen bako optoelectronic Co., Ltd, won the "blue dot award *outstanding entrepreneur". The elite of the electronic industry witnessed the glorious moment of the ceremony.


The third "blue point Award" focuses on the innovation of smart manufacturing, new hardware, semiconductors and new materials,which is aimed at discovering outstanding enterprises and innovative products with high growth potential in electronic area, and boosts the construction of "one belt, one road", vigorously promotes the entrepreneurial spirit and the continuous innovation development in this industry.

Award ceremony

After 10 months of file analysis, on-site expert review, network voting and expert remittance, the blue spot award has finally selected 5 people for"outstanding entrepreneurs", 15 companies for "pioneer growth enterprises" and 15 kinds of "innovative technology products Award". Mr. Liu di hong, chairman of Shenzhen bako optoelectronic( stock code: 871745), is honored with the honor of "outstanding entrepreneur". 
Entrepreneur is a very considerable title.It is the elite of the society, the backbone of the economy and the mainstream of the times. The award of "outstanding entrepreneur" fully affirmed the outstanding achievements of Bako in the past and present.


As the founder of the company, Mr. Liu di hong constantly lead his enterprise and teams to seek oriented change in the future through his persistent and innovative. Even in the bad market, it is still able to go upstream, concentrate on the field of industry subdivision, and try to find new breakthroughs, which fully shows the vision and determination of an outstanding leader. 

As the company continues to grow , the scale and strength are increasing day by day, especially after the listing of the new three boards to obtain capital attention successful , the enterprise has more potential development . Meanwhile its steady development pace, clearly show the curve growth of BAKO. 
Over the past 13 years, he has been adhering to the core values of the enterprise and practicing his commitment to employees and society. Mr. Liu di hong is deserved the title of "outstanding entrepreneur". 
In addition, with the innovation product, P1.9-P10 has won the annual "innovation and technology products" award. 


Since its founding, Bako never forget the initial heart , adhere to the independent research and innovation design, the implementation of high starting point, high investment, high quality technology strategy, to create leading subversive products in the industry . 

In 2016, Bako"diamond" series rental led display, Sweeping a diamond storm in high-end rental market around the domestic and international , not only received global customers’ praise, but also won the “Oscar” called the German Red Dot Design Award in July 2017 . 

In the same year, Bako invest heavily to bring new changes to the outdoor advertising display screen. The cross century outdoor high-definition LED display series of Bako spaceship led display came out formally. With its innovative design, it broke a series of difficult problems in the traditional outdoor large screen with low precision, poor heat dissipation and small spacing. 


Bako won two honors in the "blue dot award" . It is the affirmation of the power and influence of bako. It also gives the Bako higher responsibility and mission. In the future, Bako will continue to increase the strength and investment in the research and development of new products, focus on core business, make persistent efforts to climb new peaks, constantly create higher value for customers, and help whole industry to to develop. 

blue dot blazed at annual ceremony

The blue dot award, as an award from the Shenzhen Electronic Commerce Chamber of Commerce.Which foothold the electronic industry, encourages innovation and entrepreneurship, and strives to be fair in the evaluation procedure to expand the evaluation influence. It has become the representative award of the Shenzhen electronic information industry. The "blue dot award" campaign has promoted the award-winning enterprises to continue to maintain their advantages and continuously innovate and forge ahead. 

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