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Scene style | Baco exhibits with a strong lineup ISE 2019


     On February 5th, the traditional Chinese festival - New Year, as scheduled, the four-day 2019 European Professional Audiovisual Integrated Equipment and Technology Exhibition (ISE 2019) also opened in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. With its international vision, Baco Optoelectronics has concentrated on a number of heavyweight boutiques to form a strong exhibiting lineup at the RAI Pavilion, presenting a gorgeous visual feast and bringing a blessing to the global audience.

     The Spring Festival is the most traditional festival of the Chinese nation. In the year, with the family, it is a kind of happiness called "reunion". This year's Dutch exhibition coincides 
with the Spring Festival. In order to allow the staff who hold their posts to reunite with their families, they are no longer bearing the thoughts of distant relatives. This time, the Baco 
elite team is under the company's affectionate care. The family will participate in overseas exhibitions and strive to create a new year exhibition of Strong Confidence, Warmth, and Concentricity, and will have a different Chinese New Year in the beautiful Wind Country.

     On the first day of launch, Baco Optoelectronics brought a variety of competitive exhibits, such as the new diamond 3.0 rental screen, spacecraft outdoor advertising screen, Peter Pan ultra-high-definition small pitch, LED transparent screen, etc., from new countries and regions. The wide attention of customers.

     New Diamond 3.0 Rental Screen P2.97 World Premiere

     At the show, Bakco launched a third-generation diamond indoor rental display P2.97. Diamond 3.0 has highly integrated the needs of the rental market since its inception, representing the industry's leading technology.

     The brand of the new generation of diamond series has always been a "simple and elegant" design style, adopting a modular design concept, the back cover is plugged and unplugged, the system box supports quick disassembly and assembly design, and the operation and maintenance are more convenient and quick.

      Diamond 3.0 has also been upgraded safely. The strength of the box structure is higher. The corners are added with anti-smashing corners. The upper and lower anti-snagging grooves are designed to provide protection for the screen. In addition, the new single-sided adjustable +/- 7.5-degree arc lock, increased angle adjustment handle and locking handle, higher precision, easier to operate, is also a highlight of the product.

     At the exhibition site, the diamond 3.0 rental screen P2.97 curved and flat stitching method was presented at the same time. The color was uniform at all angles, the curved shape was perfect, the seamless display and the screen effect were high-definition, which attracted many visitors to consult and understand.

     The Baco spacecraft P5.33, the leader of the gathering, is the perfect debut

     Baco Spacecraft P5.33 is an innovative product for outdoor engineering screens. It has strong waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-electromagnetic interference and high-reliability quality guarantees. It is not only for outdoor full-color large-scale display advertising applications but also can be used as rental screens. , stadium fence screen.

     Since its launch, the spacecraft series has won the favor of many customers at home and abroad with its high reliability and outstanding display effect. This exhibition will provide a flexible and more cost-effective choice for more customers' HD applications.

      Peter Pan ultra HD small pitch P1.25 has received much attention

     As the main product of the exhibition, the small pitch product Pf1.25, the die-cast aluminum ultra-light box, the full front maintenance design, not only easy to install, good flatness, but also save the screen maintenance space while ensuring the effect.

     Peter Pan P1.25, using a standard 16:9 cabinet, seamlessly stitching, truly achieve point-to-point display, to ensure that high-definition images are not deformed; low-light high-gray, 
large viewing angle, good color consistency; soft and delicate picture presentation, Close-up viewing still gives the audience the best visual impression.

     New LED transparent screen Unveil the mystery

     At the exhibition site, Bakke's LED transparent screen has a beautiful and beautiful appearance, bright and transparent, and the display screen is floating and fascinating, which attracts people's attention and adds a lot to the exhibition.

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