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The application of LED advertisement screen mainly includes indoor fixed installation and outdoor fixed installation. Indoor LED full-color screen is mainly used in indoor large area of commercial advertising, venue, lobby and hotel, etc. Outdoor fixed installation LED full color display screen is mainly used in squares, building walls and specific outdoor places.

(一)Indoor fixed installation LED display

Indoor LED full-color screen is mainly used in indoor large area of commercial advertising, venue, lobby and hotel, etc.


1. High density, high definition display;
2. With photosensitive control system, according to indoor and outdoor light changes automatically adjust the brightness of the screen, both energy saving and environmental protection, greatly reduce your operating costs, but also make the audience accept easily;
3. The product has a set of low power solution, which can save 1/3 of the energy when the display is running, and further reduce your running cost greatly;
4. With high refresh rate and high grayscale, which makes LED screen display more realistic and meet the requirements of high visual quality for commercial use;
5. With the function of point-by-point correction of brightness and color, which makes the LED screen more abundant and meeting the requirements of high visual quality for commercial use.
6. The advertising content on the screen can be changed at any time, providing for different customers to show different ads.
7. With dual network cable hot backup function, two computers control a screen at the same time, when a computer has problems, another computer automatically replace to ensure the screen work normally.
8. All the display information can be controlled by remote network and the screen information can be changed easily with mouse click operation, so as to realize the clustering of advertising display network in cities and regions.
9. Supporting network control function, so that you can control several cities in one place on the screen and change the content at any time you want.
10. With the multi-function card, the screen can be switched on and off at any time by software or manually to realize the unattended function.

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