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Programme Details

(1) Die-casting design is adopted for the whole box and module of "high precision" (1024 mm*768 mm for the box and 512 mm*256 mm for the module); the precision can reach (+0.05 mm).

(2) Outdoor LED display panel produced by "light weight" die casting is 50% lighter than traditional iron box. (1024 mm * 768 mm full box weight only 25 kg)

(3) Good heat dissipation is the primary problem to be solved for outdoor small-spacing LED display. Die-cast aluminum outdoor large screen boxes and modules are made of aluminium, and the heat dissipation capacity is 60 times that of traditional boxes.

(4) The power supply input and output of the "wireless connection" module signal are connected by wireless connection. The input and output of the module signal are connected to the receiving card/power supply through the integrated board mode. The transmission speed is fast, the anti-electromagnetic interference ability is strong, and the failure rate is low.

(5) The signal and power supply of the "full-featured" sub-product series can be backed up double, and the stable operation of the system can be guaranteed at any time.

(6) Universal Standard Design can satisfy all types of products with spacing P1-P20. Now it can be produced in quantity: P3.2, P4, P5.33, P6.4, P8, P10.66, P16, P20, etc.

(7) Easy Maintenance Double Maintenance Channel for Module Level of Sub-Series Products, Easy Maintenance and Easy Maintenance

(8) The "highly adaptable" secondary products adopt the bottom shell of Die-cast Aluminium sleeve + the die-cast aluminium box body to heat well and protect against high-level heat, and can adapt to various extremely harsh environments and temperatures (e.g. urban corrosion at sea at minus 45 degrees and above 65 degrees).

(9) The series products of "Courtyard Screen" adopt Baco's exclusive accessories, which can change the fence screen of the course in seconds, so as to realize the real multi-purpose of one screen.

(10) Supreme Beauty. If we say that the second product is the most beautiful outdoor screen in the history, it must be too beautiful. With advanced design, it is atmospheric, exquisite and full of strong artistic sense.

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